Global Networks Inc’s has built an effective training program that provides the opportunity for our students to excel in their careers. GNI has trained thousands of individuals on everything from industry standard certifications to highly specialized technical deficiencies. GNI has a strong foundation in the industry as a provider of IT Security related services. Therefore, we focus on sharing our in-depth knowledge of what’s going in the industry today.

As a student participating in the Global Networks Academy of Technology, you will have access to our subject matter experts, delivering authorized and industry-leading instruction through multiple delivery formats. Our goal is to prepare you for success by greatly reducing the skill gaps. This is all driven by the quality and requirements we set for all of our instructors and students.

We believe in our Academy, we maintain a rigorous standard and expectation for everyone involved. This is geared to ensure that everyone receives an exceptional learning experience as we believe that time is valuable.

The Academy of Technology has a variety of training programs; the first program the Tiered Curriculum Courses, are in-depth 5-8 week long courses designed to prepare both new entrants into Information Technology as well as experienced industry professionals who are prepared to take on a new level of skill. Also, within the Academy of Technology we currently offer the following Cyber Security Certification Clinics: the Re-Certification Clinic (RCC) and the Accelerated Certification Clinic (ACC). These clinics are designed to provide Cyber Security professionals with the most comprehensive, stimulating, learning environment focused on preparing you for industry demands as well as globally recognized certification exams.  We have developed comprehensive drilling sessions, practical exams and simulated exploit and defense scenarios all with the purpose of subject matter mastery and career elevation.

Newly formed is the Academy of Technology Enrichment Program. Our Enrichment Program seeks to empower youth, enable them to improve their lives and train them in the concepts needed to attain IT industry credentials. With the courses we offer, they can not only become members of the global IT workforce but excel in the skills we see are needed most in the job markets in their communities. The Academy of Technology is also a good fit for students who may be planning to study Cyber Security or IT based courses at a 4 year University. Our classes expedite the certification training process and help youth gain IT employment experience while they pursue their formal education. They can also receive college credit for attaining these recognized industry certifications.