Cyber Security Essentials Q & A Sessions


Cyber Security Essentials Q & A Sessions


The Academy of Technology is holding our Cyber Security Essentials Q&A Session to be able to inform those who are both new to IT/Cybersecurity or industry professionals about our upcoming courses, seminars and events.

The session will take place at our offices at:

6460 Dobbin Road Suite A, Columbia, MD 21045

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What is Cyber Security?

Is it for me?

Can I be successful in IT?

What is my salary potential?

Where can I be in 5 years?

How much is tuition?

What training is involved?

When are classes?

Where are classes held?

How quickly can I get started?

Are these some of your questions? Bring these and even more inquiries to our FREE Cyber Security Essentials Q&A Sessions every week, select a date/time above.